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Askari Aviation Services is today engaged in providing quality aviation services of helicopter and aircrafts for adventure, safaris, rescue, crop dusting, cargo transportation and policing. In addition to its integral fleet of helicopter and aircraft, Askari Aviation Services enjoys the backing of Pakistan Army Aviation and is providing International charter services to Pakistan Army, for its peace keeping troops with United Nation deployed around the world. Its services include air ticketing, ground handling services and aviation training courses for traffic, cargo, cabin and flying.

For vacation and adventure, Askari Aviation services opens wonderland of four most exciting ranges in the world, the Karakorams, the Himalayans, the Hindukush and the Pamirs, through Helicopter safaris i.e. "FLY", "Fly and Hike", "Fly, Drive and Trek" or can be even tailor made to your requirements. Of the fourteen peaks that rise above 8000 meters, five nestle in these ranges in Pakistan. Four of these surround Concordia i.e. K-2, Broad Peak and Gasherbrums. Couple this with 8th wonders of modern world the Karakuram Highway, traversing along mighty River Indus and crossing at Khunjrab above 16000 feet on Pakistan China Border, presents a lifetime opportunity to visit on holidays. That is not all, some most spectacular canyons, lakes, and land locked civilization like Kalash are unique tourist products.

These sights were so far only open to professional mountaineers and trekkers, which are now being offered for visit by Askari Aviation Srrvices. And if you aren't convinced yet, then hear this: "when the father of one of world's leading wilderness photographers died, he desired in his will that his body be cremated and his ashes be strewn over the most beautiful place on earth. The choice of such a place he left to his son knowing that of all people he was the best qualified to decide. And of all the breath taking places in the world, would you believe that he chose CONCORDIA to sprinkle his father's ashes."


Search & Rescue of Iranian Climber Mr. Aiyidin.
Search & Rescue of Iranian Climber Mr. Aiyidin.
Rescue of Swiss & Partner G2 Expedition 2013
Rescue of International K2 & Broad Peak Expedition
Rescue of FTA K2 & Broad Peak Expe 2013
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